East Cobb Astros Orange 13U


Coached by: Ryan Raper

The EAST COBB ASTROS baseball program is rich intradition and recognized nationally as one of the premier youth baseballoperations in the country. The 13U ORANGE, based out of Marietta, GA is led byHead Coach Ryan Raper. In his first year with this group, Coach Ryan plans tocontinue developing and growing this group on and off the field. The teamfeatures players from 4 states.

Even though the team was formed less than 8months ago, the team has played up in three 14U tournaments to challenge theplayers to become some of the best players in the country. The challenges ofnew teams have been met fearlessly by Head Coach Raper. “We will play the gamethe right way and I have no tolerance for excuses. Play hard and be a good teammate. Be all in or go home,” says Raper.

Mission Statement: To teach the integrity of thegame of baseball and to help players understand the greatness of the game whilelearning the life lessons associated with baseball. To guide and enhance theprocess of advancing to the college or professional level. To provide the bestlearning atmosphere, the best competition and the most fun the game of baseballhas to offer to its participants.

The team’s current roster consists of 16players. Head Coach Ryan Raper feels “we will win or lose with who wehave. I’m not looking to add players during the season. We are hereto develop young men.” The team is set to play in all the major TBS, PGNational and PBR tournaments this season. ECB Orange 13U current roster: AndrewAkopov (GA), Caleb Antonelli (GA), Logan Arnett (GA), Champ Banks (TN), CashCauley (GA), Maddox Davis (GA), Hunter Dillard (GA), Griffin Gowens (SC),Josiah Harris (GA), Jackson Locke (GA), Joey Martincavage (GA), HarrisonMilanowski (AL), Max Misenhimer (TN), Isiah Nalls (GA), Joseph Nystrom (GA) andElias Santos (GA).

11221 Plantside Drive Louisville, KY 40299