SBA Bolts National 13U


Coached by: Jake Robbins

The 13U Showcase National Team recently added “Bolts” to the name after a partnership with Bruce Bolt has been evolving since their 10U and 11U seasons when they won back-to-back National Championships. The Team, based out of Matthews, NC has always been led by a least one former big leaguer, currently former Cleveland Indians pitcher Jake Robbins.

And while the team doesn’t have the same roster as it did two years ago, they ended their 12U season at 69-7 and they are recorded with many of the top 13U baseball players from all over the country, as well as Mexico. These boys don’t get to practice together on a weekly basis like most teams, but they all have one common mission, and they know when they are together, they have a job to do. They are currently ranked the #1 13U team in the Nation and they are incredibly fun to watch with the talent they have.

Many would think it would be hard to coach a team where the kids fly in from all over every so often to play together, some think there would be no comradery or chemistry, but that isn’t the case it all with this team; it’s a brotherhood, and they all work hard on their own and continue to get better. They all know they are high level and are playing at the highest level, so they don’t want to let their teammates or coaches down.

The team’s current roster consists of about 16 players, some recently added to give them more pitching depth, but each player has a role and with a current 2023 team batting average of .389 and only 1 run allowed, it’s safe to say they can all hit, and their defense is top notch. Their 13U season may just be the best one yet. The team is set to play in all the major TBS, PG National, and PBR events this season. Their current roster: Hudson Simmons (NC), Trendyn Motley (NC), Ivan Andino (NC), Derrick Vasquez (NC), Julian Martinez (NY), Caden Borcherding (GA), Luke Esquivel (TX) Adrian Villela (AZ), Brayden Landry (WA), Ricky Hernandez (FL), Octavio Reyna(MX), Isaiah Cador (GA), Quincy Fulton (IL), Valentin Ceballas (TX), Heber Garza (TX). Bradley Fulmer (SC). Also led by assistant coaches: Will Simmons & Jason Borcherding

11221 Plantside Drive Louisville, KY 40299