Wildcatters Reed 13U


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Coached by: Dylan Ellis

In the heart of one of the nation's most fiercely competitive markets for select baseball. A 13u team has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Wildcatters Reed is a team of ten remarkable 13u boys, that have made a significant impact on the highly competitive baseball scene in Houston, Texas. Wildcatter’s Reed currently hold a 30-9 record that includes victories over state and nationally ranked teams. They have proven time and again that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

They have honored the Wildcatter’s commitment to academic excellence by hoisting a remarkable team GPA that exceeds a 3.0. A testament to their dedication, hard work, and resilience on and away from the field. Their hard work and exceptional performance has garnered them an extraordinary opportunity. Wildcatters Reed have been invited to compete in the most prestigious tournament in the country, the 2023 Perfect Game Invitational National Championship. This invitation serves as a testament to their talent and recognition of their commitment to high level baseball. With this invitation, Wildcatters Reed will now have the chance to showcase their skills on a national stage, pitting their abilities against the best teams in the nation.

The lineup is led by Dylan Ellis who won the leadoff man job in the fall and has maintained the position throughout the entire spring/summer season. Dylan Ellis is a member of the “No Fly Zone” outfield. Followed by Harrison Socha who respectfully, maybe the best shortstop in the entire Wildcatters Organization. Hitting 3 hole is Yancy “Deuce” Scott II, the other shortstop that can also be considered as one of the best if not THE best middle infielder in the Wildcatters organization. Yancy “Deuce” Scott II is a five tool, switch hitting, middle infielder who also pitches and catches. Christian Van Ostrand is next in the lineup. A tall, strong catcher who can hit for power and play multiple positions. C | 3B | OF. Hayden Bentz usually follows behind Van Ostrand in the lineup. Bentz is another tall, strong bat who has gap to gap power. Hayden Bentz plays first base, outfield, ‘No Fly Zone” member and is one of the Wildcatters top starting pitchers. Javier Solis hits all over the lineup. He’s a true 2-hole hitter however for the Wildcatters he hits everywhere. From the middle to the 9-hole spot, Javi gets the job done. Javi is another member of the “No Fly Zone” Defense. Blaine Heinold nickname “Wildman” on the base paths. Blaine is another guy who hits everywhere in the lineup for the Wildcatters. He’s also an important piece for them defensively manning second base, first base and pitching. JoAngel Rodriguez, “Mr. Consistent” is one of the top pitchers on the team. JoAngel also plays third base and second base for the Wildcatters. Travis Ellis is the leader of the Wildcatters pitching staff. He is the Wildcatters clear number one. Travis has a four-pitch mix and is often given the ball against the top competition. Evan DeLeon represents the 4th member of the starting pitches for the team. (Travis Ellis - RHP, Hayden Bentz - LHP, JoAngel Rodriguez - RHP, Evan DeLeon - LHP). Evan is the youngest member on the team, plays with passion & fire. DeLeon is a 3-pitch mix kid with an exceptional change up that consistently avoids bats. DeLeon is also a member of the “No FLY Zone” outfield.

Behind every successful athlete, there are often unsung heroes. In the case of the Wildcatters Reed team, their parents are the true superheroes. Their commitment to the team's success is unmatched, as they ensure their kids commitment to the Wildcatters core values that include: academic excellence, weekly practices, multiple tournaments per month. Their unwavering dedication to the team’s passion for the game have been instrumental in shaping Wildcatters Reed into the formidable team they are today.

Wildcatters Reed is poised to finishing their spring/summer season together. All while leaving a lasting impression on the biggest stage in the country.

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